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OOV Export Database

The Oovcde program allows exporting to an sqlite database. The database schema looks like the following:
The Oovcde program's main purpose is to find all related classes, so it does not contain all code information.

The following describes the tables in the datase.

ComponentComponents are run-time modules
MethodContains methods/functions of classes
MethodTypeRefContains types that are referred to from methods
ModuleContains the name of the source file
StatementContains statements that belong to methods
TypeContains classes or simple data types
TypeRelationContains class aggregation or inheritance relations


nameThe component name. Component types must be defined within Oovcde for this to contain entries.


nameThe function name. If overloaded, it is appended with +;hash.
lineNumberThe line number of the method definition in the source code
visibility0=public, 1=protected, 2=private
constIndicates if it is a const method
virtualIndicates if it is a virtual method
idOwningClassThe ID of the owning class/type
idOwningModuleThe ID of the owning module


nameThe variable name.
varRelationDescription0=parameter, 1=body variable
idOwningMethodThe ID of the owning method
idSupplierTypeThe ID of type


nameThe variable name.
codeLinesThe number of lines with code.
commentLinesThe number of lines with comments.
moduleLinesThe number of lines in the module.
idOwningComponentThe ID of the owning component. Component types must be defined in Oovcde for this to be filled.


statementDescription2=method call, 3=variable reference
lineNumberThe statement index
idOwningMethodThe method that contains this statement.
idSupplierTypeThe type that is referenced by this statement
idSupplierMethodThe method that is referenced by this statement


nameThe name of the type
idOwningModuleThe module where the type is defined.
lineNumberThe line number of the type definition in the source code

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